Seems like sketchup 2017 has killed my laptop?

Hi guys, bit of a long one but I’ve exhausted all of my ideas.

About a week ago, I bought a refurbished hp elitebook. I installed all the programs I need for my architecture degree: adobe suite, autoCAD and sketchup. The laptop ran fine for about a week, until the laptop started locking up. This involved the laptop screen freezing and not interacting with anything, however the keyboard still lit up when buttons were pressed, indicating it wasn’t a full crash. The only way to get it back running was to force it to turn off and turn it back on again. After about 5 crashes, I performed a system restore to a few days prior. This still lead to laptop crashes.

I then performed a system restore, running the laptop for a day at a time between installing new software again. The laptop ran fine for the 2 days where just photoshop was running, ran fine for a full day for when photoshop and autoCAD were running at the same time, so the last app for me to install was sketchup. Within 2 hours of installing sketchup, my laptop started freezing up again within minutes of starting up, on a range of different levels from the very first startup screen, the login screen or the homescreen. This leads me to believe it’s sketchup that’s caused the issue, but theres no way now to get into the laptop for more than five minutes before it crashes, meaning I cant get to uninstalling the software.

Is there any way I can get the laptop back up and running without having to perform another system reset? Further, is there a way I can get sketchup to run smoothly on my laptop? It’s vital to my uni course and I can’t find anything else online even remotely similar to my issues.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Are you saying the just having SketchUp installed makes it lock up? Or is it only when you are modeling in SketchUp?

Did you install SketchUp correctly by right clicking on the downloaded installer and selecting Run as administrator?

What is the graphics card in this computer? Are its drivers up to date? Check with the GPU manufacturer, not Windows.

I believe it’s just from installation - I opened it to check it worked after installing, but closed again prior to it crashing. Sketchup was installed as an administrator. Graphics card is uhd graphics 620 and all the drivers were updated prior to installing any software. Thanks for your reply.

Does that mean you logged into Windows with as admin or did you right click on the SketchUp installer and select Run as administrator?

Did you go to the Intel site to get the graphics drivers or just let Windows update the drivers?

FWIW, the Intel UHD 620 is a fairly low-performing graphics card. When you first open Sketchup you might try going to Preferences>OpenGL and change the setting for Use Fast Feedback and see if that changes anything.

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