Sketchup isnt working

i downloaded sketchup onto my computer to try it out and see if i liked it and all it does is make my computer go haywire and i cant figure out what the problem is. i got the free version of sketchup, and when i go to open it, i go x out all the little dialogue boxes on the right, and when i get to the box for ‘styles’, it freezes my computer, makes my right monitor go black and i have to restart my computer, then mess around with the display settings to get my monitor to come back on. so i tried it again and just ignored the dialogue boxes, drew a quick sketch just to test it out and went to save the drawing, same thing happened, everything froze and my right monitor went black. so whats the issue? i know my computer can run heavy duty programs, the home design company i work at, we use a top of the line drawing program and weve been running it on these computers for a few years now with no issues, so im at a loss as to what the deal is with sketchup on this computer. can someone please help me, sketchup technical support wont help me because according to them, they only give help if its the pro version, and im not going to dump money into the program without even testing it out first.

unreliable/incomplete OpenGL support of used video driver, as a workaround disable OGL support of SketchUp by disabling “Window > Preferences > OpenGL > Use Hardware Acceleration” (restart).

multi monitor usage (or virtualized operating systems) may force this… try if update the video driver helps.

yeah the first thing i did was make sure everything was up to date and it is. so basically i just need to take it off my desktop and onto a laptop?

oh wow didnt even see that the first time. the use hardware acceleration, needs to be checked or unchecked?