Sketch crash on startup (and crashes craft plugin)



Sketch crash on startup (and crashes craft plugin).

I went through this I had no preference folder/files to delete (perhaps due to previous uninstall). I then uninstalled, reinstalled. Restarted. No joy

Any help would be great TY


sorry, what is craft plugin?

does SU start on it own from the Dock or Finder?

really need more information to offer any adviceā€¦



Here is a link to Craft

Starting up SU from the dock and finder, both crash.



Does SketchUp crash without the plugin installed? If not, I would suggest that the plugin is causing SketchUp to crash not the other way around. You should contact the author of the plugin.

Interestingly, I see absolutely nothing on that website about SketchUp. What does it do and how are you using it? Or trying to use it?


Oh s***. Whoops. Wrong forum. Apologies :sweat: