Fredo Scale - difficulty in retaining original face

Hi, I’m new to this so probably just haven’t found the answer to the problem on this forum. Anyway, I’ve tried using Fredo Scale to create rose petals from a traced jpeg. As soon as I try to bend the newly made component of the petal, it creates breaks/ holes in the face of the component. I have seen the tutorials for making a rose created from a cut section of a globe using Fredo Scale, which seemed to work ok in the tutorial but when I tried to replicate it, even the globe section lost the original face and had holes appear in the surface after using the extension. I’ve tried to correct this manually by re-drawing the lines and then hiding or softening them to lose the visible amendments. Any clues what I’m doing wrong or is this a common problem?

First guess is that you are working on too small a scale.

Try scaling up by a factor of 12x (feet for inches if you are using inches) or 10x, 100x or 1000x if using mm.

Search this forum for the ‘Dave method’ - make your original petal into a component, make a copy, then scale up and work on the copy. Delete the large copy when done, and Zoom Extents to see the result, scaled back down to original size, and hopefully without the gaps.

SU can preserve small edges when scaled down from a larger component, but not create very small edges at actual size.

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Thanks for the quick response - most appreciated.

I’ve tried scaling up the petal, no change no matter how big I’ve scaled it. However, I created a geometric shape alongside it and it created a perfect bend using Fredo Scale without breakage to the face. Any help?

It would be much easier to give you help if you shared the SKP file of the petal and the setup you are trying to use to bend it.

Are you absolutely wedded to the use of Fredoscale for this job?

Hi. Couldn’t find the “Dave Method” other than massive amounts of referrals to it - Popular post!

Sorry to be a twerp but how to I share the file on this forum? And no, any plugin would do as Fredo Scale had been used on a tutorial for shaping a rose petal - sorry I may have used Shape Bender as the title in error which I assume you may have seen the first posting?

You can upload the SKP file by clicking the Upload button, 7th from the left above the text area when you make a reply directly in the forum. That is, not via e-mail, if you have been replying that way.

As for the “Dave Method”, Box has done a couple of good animated GIFs that show how it works.

Thanks again. Can you post the link to “Box” if poss?

Skp file below. I’m sure it’s something weird I’ve done? Thanks again

Rose-petal-scaled.skp (110.2 KB)

See the post by Box in this thread.

As for your petal, it’s already bent in the SKP file you uploaded. Are you trying to bend it in a different direction now?

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Yes - is that the problem?

It doesn’t have to be a problem. I’m thinking there’s probably a better way to draw the petal, though. You have many very narrow faces because of the way it is bent now. That is causing you the problems. You would have to scale up by a huge amount to make this usable.

I would be inclined to handle the petal differently and to keep it much simpler. Remember a single petal doesn’t make a rose. I can’t demonstrate at the moment but perhaps when I get home from work I can.

Brilliant - thanks.

I’ve picked up lots from on-line tutorials but clearly have masses to learn. If you’re uk based, perhaps you could recommend a 1-2-1 tutor who could steer me in the right direction?

I’m not in the UK but I could do some one on one if we can work with the time difference.

sounds great - how would it work?

We’ve got skype but maybe you could suggest some other way to communicate?

I sent you a private message.

sorry, didn’t get it - where was it sent?

Look at the S in the green circle in the upper right corner of the Forum window in your browser. Click on it and you should see it.

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