Looking for a way to scale with out the stretching effect


I’m wondering if there is a extension are a easy way to scale without the stretching effect streched tie.skp (859.4 KB)


Could you re-upload with 2016 version please?


streched tie 2016.skp (792.1 KB)


I think that dynamic components can be used for that sort of purpose.


Or the Fredoscale plugin


to clear the stretched effect, make the component unique if required then scale definition (all via right click menu)


You will need to make unique, Fredo’s scale tool has a stretch to target mode allows you to do that.pcmoor sorry was typing when you posted


yep fredoscale works perfect i was hoping dynamic components wasn’t the only answer cause i still have yet to grasp how to make them properly. and i just tried pcmoor’s idea but was unsuccessful maybe i did it wrong. but i definitely have it all figure out with fredoscale


sorry, thought you were editing a material, did not quite understand the issue