I need someone to build a plugin. It is a paid gig

I need to a plugin to stretch a 3D object while part of the 3D object stays fixed, i.e., making some part of the object not stretchable. I had a gig posted on freelancer or will post on some other escrow places you like. The requirement document can also be seen here

follow up: our client is leaning toward a component that works like Fredo6_FredoScale

video clip

Here is a video clip showing what we want to achieve. We are a door panel manufacturer (the styled part that covers the door surface). And we need to stretch the panel to fit onto doors of different sizes. There is Fredo6_FredoScale in the extension library but it is only capable of stretching along one line, we need to make it usable for 3 and 4 lines of stretching, that is to stretch the panel with even proportion along 3 or 4 lines. Our developer made some changes to the Fredo6_FredoScale dynamic component, but it failed when stretching more than a few times. Those line positions are adjustable.


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Thanks! That looks really nice! I will talk to our client and see that is what they are looking for.

Could you send me an email, as I can not seem to PM you
** OK as of now, I can PM, nice :grinning:

The Extension I linked is not mine.

I moved the topic to the Extension Developer Job Board.