A scale plugin with unique features




I am looking for a certain plugin that can scale but doesn’t stretch at all. Please do not mention FredoScale, it doesn’t have the feature and it still can stretch. I have tried two different tools from FredoScale and the result is not what I wanted.

If you do not understand what I mean by “scale but doesn’t stretch”

see above, what I am trying to do is scaling down the 1st Circle to the 2nd Circle without losing the original size (the thick of the arc). FredoScale and original doesn’t that.

I would appreciate you helping me out with this one. so thanks in advance.


I am not familiar with any scale plugin that would do that. I would simply scale or redraw the first single arc and then offset. If you desire to retain the first arc after scale, use copy in place. Or perhaps you could create a dynamic component.


There is another mod I am trying to use along with what I did is:

  1. Using offset after I turned it into a component.
  2. a mod called “Memory Copy” which allow me to use scale plugin with that feature so I can use the same movement repeatedly

that should give you an idea of what I am trying to do.


The problem is when I am using the scale or FredoScale, it has one thing in common that is stretching. You see in the picture, the thick of these arcs are 2cm. If I used Scale/Fredoscale tool and do what I would do from 1st to 2nd, the thickness would be reduced to 1.50cm or so. I only wanted to scale without stretching. That means I want to keep the thickness of these arcs as they are and scale them to any size.

the topic sounds exactly as it should. I’m just checking to see if a plugin with a feature exists or not.


The Scale tool and Fredoscale are doing exactly what they are designed to do. I don’t know of any plugin or extension that will do what you are expecting them to do but redrawing it with the new radius is easy enough with or without Memory Copy.


Memory Copy required the object to be a component. I wanted to create more than a dozen of these arcs from large to small.

I don’t have any expectation of these plugins, I just wanted to check to see if they exist or not. It’s fine that you are not aware of any plugins that have these feature.

I would appreciate if you have different methods that could make it easier to create more than a dozen of these arcs from large to small. Memory Copy could be included in the method or not. :thinking: I don’t mind that you can share them in here as well.


have a look at this component:


Since you don’t mind…

Here’s a way that doesn’t require any scaling and uses no extensions or plugins and can be done in any version of SketchUp.

Draw a profile and copy it at the required spacing.

Follow Me.

Erase the waste and close the ends.



I didn’t think of that. Follow Me, of course, that’s a good way to use it.



I do not know such a thing exist. Look like there is more to dynamic component than I thought. I’ll have to do some research to learn more about this. :face_with_monocle:


If you gave it (even temporary) a profile, you could use profile builder to do this. You could always eliminate the thickness afterwards.



that’s interesting plugin, I never heard of Profile Builder 2. and that method is interesting


@DaveR , @whiterabbitdesigncompany , @MikeWayzovski , @mics_54

hello, I would like to say thank you for helping me out with my problem. All of your answers/methods are excellent. I learned a lot of things from you guys.

Now I have used DaveR’s method to make a shape. so take a look below.

I hope this will help you understand why I was looking for a plugin with a feature but apparently, they do not exist.
Thank you, DaveR. I didn’t think of that method and it’s quite clever.


I think you should thank Box. I learned it from him.

I’m glad you got it sorted. From seeing at your model, I might have approached the whole thing differently, Are you planning to print this model? If so, it appears from the visible reversed faces you’ll have some issues.


actually, I am thanking you because you are the one I learned that method from. but Box is the one you learned from. well, I hope this makes sense.

and no, I am not planning to 3D print this model. That shape is part of a locomotive called EMD SD45. I am not sure what’s it called. It has to do with the fan below that face that keeps the engine cool from overheating inside the shell of the locomotive. I am very well aware of the visible reversed face.

you would have a different approach toward the shape I made. May I know what is it? I really like to learn a lot of things from other people including you.


Ah, now that I know that, I recognize it.

I’ll make something up to show you.


Alright, I’ll wait for your reply.


Personally I would have made one section and then done a radial array.



Dang it. That’s a better method. Again, I didn’t think of that… Thank you for teaching me another way to approach the shape.


Actually, knowing that it’s not for 3D printing, I might have used Box’s method anyway.

A different way and one that results in a solid component would be to use Follow Me to create a solid cover. and then draw “cutters” to cut the slots. Make sure they are shown by SketchUp as solid.

Then array the cutters around the fan cover using Rotate/Copy.

Then use the Subtract tool in Bool Tools 2 or Eneroth’s Solid Tools to subtract the cutters from the cover. Eneroth’s Solid Tools is for SketchUp Pro only while Bool Tools 2 works in both Pro and Make. You’re profile doesn’t indicate which you are using.

Alternatively you could do this with Intersect Faces.

One thing I can’t tell in your image is how detailed your fan cover actually is. I expect on the real ones the cover is not formed out of a single piece of sheet metal. I’ve never been on top of an SD45. Might be that the grate is made out of heavy wire or rod welded up.


I see. That’s a good way to make the shape. I am using Sketchup Make 2017. After all, it’s free. It looks like Bool tools 2 and other plugins are not free. they cost some money for using. An alternative method with using intersect faces is a good way to get the work done. I’ll keep that in mind.