Stretch Tool [By Curic]

Great video… exactly what I am looking for…

Curic Stretch tool

Unfortunately I cant find it it in the Ext. warehouse.

Does anyone know another way to stretch like autoCAD…
Eg… to stretch a 2 leaf window either end (without scaling the center upright - see video link)


The Extension Warehouse isn’t the only source for extensions.

FredoScale which is available from Sketchucation could do what you want.

It’s not at all difficult to do with native tools, either.

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Thanks Dave

I love Fredos extensions (amazing talent) but I couldnt get Fredos scale to work without scaling up the middle post. Probably just me.

I since found ‘Curic Behaviour’ and that worked…

I hope I find all the native workarounds but dont seem to be able to source the teaching to do it.

If you join their facebook group, you can download a number of extensions.
@vbo ?

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