Easy dynamic component

I’m trying to teach my self how to make dynamic components so I’m just going to start with a simple line that i could make longer and shorter with the scale tool I’m sure there is not much to do this with a little help from the community so far i have a 12000mm line and in the component attributes i have one handle for scaling. now is there somthing i have to write in the red Lenx line like 0-100000mm? I’m not sure what to do next any help would be appreciated are sending me to the right place to learn the process of learning how to make dynamic components. thanksline dynamic component.skp (69.2 KB)

You have pick a too simple entity, in that the scale tool cannot scale a single line. This is an overlooked issue or even a bug.
So to assure some method of interaction involving the scale tool place a line or object(circle) perpendicular at one end. Or use a rod, square…

you have set the user interface at read only, change to edit so lengths can be entered

updated on your example with a small circle added to left

line dynamic component (1).skp (71.9 KB)

line dynamic component (1).skp (102.3 KB)
k so i put some hook on the end and now I’m getting that stretching affects again

divide and group the hooks and set their lengths too a fixed measure, group the line, then set its position at the hook distance and length being the overall minus the hook, then similar for the final hook

note you could add a rotate to the ends

line dynamic component (2).skp (128.4 KB)

thank you so much pcmoor this is going to help me so much with my job as i have been building everything one piece at a time. I’m going to master this so i could do it with out even thinking before i go on with getting more complex. now in going to be able to have a few components and i will just be resizing them and making them unique which will speed things up big time thanks again