Flipping a cupboard door?

Hi All

I Created a simple desk that has an option to place a cupboard on the left or right side.
The cupboard door itself has a simple circle indent for a lock and I would like this to always face inwards.
What would be the best way to flip the door across the X direction to achive this when the cupboard is located on the right side?

Many Thanks
AdamWELCOME DESK.skp (351.8 KB)

@adamb2016 - I would make the indent a hole-cutting component and move it to whatever side it needs to be on.

Hole cutting component !!!
Wow, didn’t know there was such a thing.
Any pointers to good tutorials, examples etc.
Next you’ll be telling me the world isn’t flat lol

if you context click (right click) and “flip along” that axis, the door with hole will be mirrored and so stay on the inside.

yep, select desired geometry/component/group>right mouse click>flip along>red,green or blue (depending on desired direction)
If it goes the wrong direction:

hold ALT + press BACKSPACE this will undo move
try another axis until desired directon achieved.

Thanks for the replies everyone,

The right click works fine, but what I’m really looking for is the action to happen when the user selects “Unit Right” from the component options, rather then manually flipping it.

I’m current researching on the “cut component” idea that Jim mentioned.

As always all thoughts and ideas a very welcome.

Many Thanks

Try this tutorial for creating the cutting component:

Another way entirely would be to have an indent on the inside of the door and rotate the door 180° when it is on one side or the other.

Another way might be to have 2 door and only show the appropriate one depending on the side-ness of the cupboard.

Many Thanks Jim
The door rotation is a great idea.
The cutting tutorial is great too as my next task is to create a door component that cuts into a wall component.

Thanks again for all your help