Problem with Cutting components (Chapter 23)

I am still trying to master cutting components and dynamic components.

I have made a component consisting of a door, a frame, and a swing. I have successfully made it cutting. So far so good.

If I then flip the component along the red axis I turn a lefthand swing into a right hand swing. But now the flipped component loses its cutting ability. I can’t work out why.

I tried for a while to turn the component into a Dynamic one but again, the cutting ability disappeared. I tried turning it into an ordinary component by removing all the attributes, but it still shows as a DC in the Component Browser. Not sure why.

Does the cutting loop always have to be raw geometry or can it be contained in a sub-group?

Here is the file: Doorset.skp (116.3 KB)

Have just discovered that using Flip Along solves come of the above. I was using scale to -1 previously.