Dynamic Components - Two Doors Hinged will not work correctly


Untitled.skp (252.2 KB)
I have two doors - one hinged on the left and one hinged on the right.

When you click on the left it should open to the left. When you click on the right door it should open to the right.

The left door works fine; however, the right door does not work as one would expect. The only way I can get the right door to work properly is to make it a unique component and change the direction of the red axis to the same as the left door. That is just fine EXCEPT, in production I cannot make the doors unique.

A simple example is attached, Any help would be appreciated.



I have not looked at yor model yet, but I’m going to make a guess. If oyu wrap the door inside another Component, then flip that component, then the door will keep it’s orientation relative the its parent.

You may then need to create an attribute to use as a pass-thru attribute to get the values from the door to it’s now grand-parent component. However, that was not the case in my example.

doors.skp (218.8 KB)


Those look like the same doors in mine.
Regardless what you say looks like it works.
But I am confused - I see no Dynamic Components?
What am I missing?


I cannot really flip the other door.
When the door component was created, it copy and flipped to make the right side door. This keeps everything in the right place - like the inside stile is the inside stile on both doors. In my case, the outside stiles are not identical to the inside stiles so this is important. Thanks anyway…


OK Jim - you got me thinking differently. I take each door and add a simple line somewhere inconspicuous on each door. Then I make a Left Door component wrapping the door and the line. Then do the same for the right door component. Set the axis the same and the same dynamic actions. It works - Thanks for heading me in the right direction.