How to make a dynamic double door with two different surfaces

Hello Forum,
First time I’m here, some headache make me doing:
( Because I’m new by and never played with dynamic component)

For my own privat Project I need a double

  • door who can open/ close.
    -The outside each door has different design elements.
  • leftside should be closed before right side, but this is optional.

What I have done: o made the doorframe as a component.
Inside of this frame- component I made the leftdoor as a component and also the right door. So there is the frame who has two doors as each standalone component…
Well, that’s it what I could do…
Who can help small steps ( help the old man over the road, haha) to finish my small dream?
Thank you all in advance, PM is welcome.

Thanks for the information :blush:

Willing to help, but please remove the spam link, then up load the model


@ pcmoor
Hello ! I didn’t make.any link in my post! At least not on purpose. But I check what’s happen. I’m a bit shy to upload the model… but I understand that I may have to do.

Thank you all in advanced. the “link” was just a dot who came by accident.
i try to attach my design- as it is. please teach me how to do. :o)
I do this kind of forum first time in life…
container doors and frame (7.4 MB)

Step 1: Axis position
select left door (its axis is closest to the hinge point)
open the DC attributes. choose rotZ, place a value, the door will rotate about this axis at the inserted axis point,
you will note that values above 180 become negative co-angles
the rotation as per right hand rule for vectors

and for the right

that is because the axis and insert point is in line with the latch
so first line the axis with hinge points (right click menu)

then work the positions you wish to rotate from - to

then you can use the onclick attribute and add

animateslow(“RotZ”,0,90) to right, animateslow(“RotZ”,0,-90) to left

container doors and frame v1.skp (4.7 MB)

Many thanks I going to try that on a copy . Wow… I’m so happy to see just the pictures.
That’s more than expected, thank you again!