How do I make a double swing door that pockets back dynamic component?

Hi there. I am modeling a piece of millwork that has some cabinet doors that open up, and pocket back.
I know how to make single swing door and sliding door dynamic components individually. But what I can’t figure out is how to make a double swing door that opens booth doors on one click AND will slide back into the cabinet, all in one motion. Attached is an image of the hinge IRL for reference.
For the purpose of this model, I’m not going to model all of the parts shown in the photo. I just need to model the door leaves and animate them so they open up and pocket back so I can show open and closed states with one click. Much better to do it with a dynamic component. Impresses the person I’m presenting to every time.
Any tutorial will help. Thanks!

you can divide the motion into sections and use a timeline with " if" conditions to mark the changes

timeline for pocket swing door.skp (30.9 KB)

Double in one click, mirror one, group and place onclick at this level
timeline for double pocket swing door.skp (56.2 KB)

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That’s amazing! Thank you for sharing that. By any chance, do you know of any good literature I can read and do a deep dive into how to script things like this? Seems like such a cool and useful too.