Dynamic Component Cabinet Door Swing

Hello, all ~ I have been battling with what I’d imagined would be a relatively simple operation - to change the swing of this door from oriented for that of a left cabinet door to a right cabinet door. I can’t believe that every group’s attributes have to be changed individually, but maybe that IS the case? I have I have tried multiple combo’s of axis changes, flipping, etc, but I have not found success. It would seem to me that one should even simply just change the DC’s axis then change the Face Frame X position data and the RotZ numbers and BAM. When I try that, all my geometry explodes like a dropped watermelon. What am I missing and not understanding?Cabinet Face Frame.skp (3.4 MB)

I suggest you create swap able components for doors, panels, drawers (fronts) and animated containers for door swing, drawer slide and other movements.

A component can be made to size to the current on a swap by using the “Current” formula in the shell or outer component that contains a child that has the raw geometry or other sub-components.

It would be wise to create a template door that has the basic scale limits, report attributes… the child in this case would use the generic “parent!” as a reference, then it can be reused despite the parent changing names.

Using your own custom attributes is better for report writing than the standard ones, then you can get a specific report rather than one of all the objects, see the reports in the example attached,

The file attached has a basic flush door that was used as a template to create the panel door. This works, provided you make unique the sub components after making a copy, then after alteration you saveas and given a new name (the old path is retain despite being made unique) .

If you saveas the two doors to a folder then in the file you swap either and despite a scale or overwriting a size of any of its instances, the method swap (right click, Dynamic component, swap) the saved component definition with any will match existing size

The smaller pink door is held within a container and a swing component, the swing is reversed using the minus length method, the door can be swapped at the door level. You may consider the swapping point at the swing level provided you build template to suit. You will note I have not include any furniture, this is so the size attributes work to the door size. So afterwards addition of furniture will not affect the fixed size attributes.

cupboard templates.skp (64.7 KB)