Looking for feedback on dynamic component

I am learning how to build out dynamic components, watched the whole skill builder series that Aaron put together on youtube. I am pretty happy with this dynamic craftsman door that I created, however I am stumped as to how to get the door to animate without the component going all haywire. Seems like after I try and group smaller pieces together (nested inside of the overall) and change any parameters in the options dialogue, the door splits into weird arrangements and pieces.

Any help/feedback would be appreciated, I am eager to learn this the right way. Model included.

Craftsman Dynamic Door.skp (124.9 KB)

Hello @ajharlan ,
The door becomes wonky because when you group all the Panel elements together, it breaks the link with Craftsman Door parameters because parameters should be linked to the parent group. When you create the Panel group, Craftsman Door becomes a grandparent so there’s a break then.

You basically need to link the necessary panel parameters from Craftsman Door to the Panel child and then link all the necessary parameters from the child to the grandchildren.

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Craftsman Dynamic Door edit.skp (226.6 KB)

You need to pass the attributes down to the children. You should make a habit of using the generic Parent! instead of the name given when you click into an attribute to add it. This avoids breaking the component with name changes and makes it easier to reuse components elsewhere. You should be able to add rotation to the door now.

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Thanks for the help guys! @rwamoore just to clarify - the Parent! references the top tier attributes for “Craftsman Door”?

Parent! references the immediate level up, or to the component that contains them directly. Components can only see up one level, which is why we have to pass the attributes down like I did for your door.

Here is a great starter video by Eric on DCs,

and @pcmoor knows just about everything there is to know about DCs. If you search the forum you will find lots of great info on DCs from him and others.


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Thanks all for the feedback - I’ve got a few dynamic components dialed in now and am able to understand the basic principles better than before.

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