Door Components

I am new to creating Dynamic Components. I have created a single rabbet door frame as a component and a door leaf as a component. I have created both as a single door component. Issue I am running into when I have added attributes to control the width and height and change those values (width), it seems that the single rabbet door frame scales differently. Should I be using groups instead of components, and then creating a component of these two groups?

No. You probably need to build the components you’ve got differently.

What is different about it?

Share the component so we can see exactly how you’ve set it up.


I’ve separated the components apart, only so that both could be seen separately. I am attaching the dimension property of the frame itself . . .

Here is my SU File . . .
Door.skp (193.7 KB)

Is the problem that the rabbet isn’t keep the same dimensions as you change the size of the door? If so, that’s the way it will work since resizing the frame is a scaling operation. All of the geometry including that of the rabbet will get scaled. If you don’t want the rabbets to change dimension make the frame from three separate components. One for the top and one for each side. Then as the door’s dimension changes, change (scale) only the length of the affected component(s) and move the components. So if the door is made wider, change the top frame member’s LenX to suit and change the PosX for the right side frame component.

By the way, you should turn off Length Snapping in Units. That will get in the way of precise modeling.
Screenshot - 8_2_2023 , 1_10_22 PM

Thanks, I was beginning to think that the frame would need to be done differently. I will give your recommendations a shot, much appreciated!

Here’s a quick example.

I just made it so any size door can be selected but you could choose from a list if you want. Or do something else.

Also consider if you make a fancier door, maybe frame and panel or with a window, you would need to break the door up into small component parts.