Dynamic Components: Opening a cupboard door from the right hinge side



I am trying to get the right door to open up from the right hinges, I’ve searched this forum and You tube and I am not understanding how to do it :pensive:

As you can see the door on the left works perfectly, if I try and change the axis on the right hand door its not working. What attribute am I missing in order to complete the calculation?

Please describe this is laymans terms!

Thanks so much for assisting me x

As shown below, i’ve copied&pasted the command from the left to the right door and changed the direction it should turn from -90 to 90 degress after i repositioned the axis of the right door as you can see below:

sup dynamic door fix

Hope you can fix it yourselve now :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for taking the time to do this, however I’ve tried this and its not working for me! See video here:

What am I doing wrong?

You must go inside the group of your right side door, then replace the axis.
So double click the cupboard AND doubleclick the right side door.
Once inside the right side door group, adjust the axis.
(in your video you adjusted the axis of the cupboard, not the axis of the door )

Make a copy of the original and highlight the new component and go to tools, flip and select which view to flip