Swinging door

I have a DC door sitting on the X axis and when it swings/rotate along the Z axis it does so as if the hinges are on the left side. I want them to be on the right side. How do I do this?

Try: selecting DC / R-Click / Flip Along the Red Axis /

Let me know what happens.


To flip along axis, the component needs to be protected from the updated environment, in other words wrapped in another unless the component in question already has sufficient nesting
simple DC swing.skp (35.5 KB)

if you wish to have the choice within the DC then…

In regard to hinges or any other parts they must be included in the door swing component.

No, it didn’t work.

What exactly determines the hinging point of a DC. Is it how it was drawn originally? There must be a way to change it.

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You have to be aware of the origin or insertion point of the (nested) component.

For this, I usually turn the axis on in Window->Model Info->Components.

The hinge should be ‘torn apart’ in the part that stays put and the part that is attached to the door, eg. Everything should be in the right context.

Outliner is perfect for that, as wel as naming conventions of all the parts.

You have to set the origin of the components on the right spot. For the door to rotate correctly, this would be just outside the frame of the door itself so it would correspond with the center of the used hinge

You can change the axis with rightclick on the component and choose: Change Axis

Dubbelklampdeur.skp (279.9 KB)

I got the knack of it now. I changed the axes and it works. Thanks.

I have a garage door DC which I want to rotate 90 deg around its horizontal center (X) axis and then move upwards (Z) half its height, like this; animate(“rotX”,0,-90);animate(“Z”, 150,300). At first onclick it rotates and on the second it moves up but rotates back again. What could be the problem?

Check this thread:

The door’s Z position was 164.537 cm and my onclick parameters was animateslow(“rotX”,0,-90);animateslow(“Z”,164,322). The fact that the Z move was from a different position, albeit by just a fraction of a centimeter upset the whole move. I changed the original Z position to 164 cm and now the the whole move functions.