Animateslow flips a dynamic component: how to fix?




I’m new to dynamic components (I bought SU Pro for hobby), but have a bit of trouble working around the bugs in SU. Thanks to this community, I could work around a few.

However, I now have the problem that I use a variable to animate the RotZ to open and close a door. This works, although SU not only rotates the door, it flips it as well. See attached movie and SketchUp model. Watch the door handle. At the moment the door is clicked, the door flips (The door is symmetrical, but you can see the flip because the inside and outside door handles are different).

I have this door twice in my model. I can probably fix this by creating a normal and mirrored version of this door. However, I prefer to use components so I don’t have to duplicate work.

Any suggestion for another workaround?

Dynamic door test.skp (259.8 KB)


The door axis is opposite to the frame, either right click the door and select change axis

or go into the door component, right click the axis and select place

Dynamic door test (1).skp (249.0 KB)


I think the problem is that mirrored axes and ‘Rotate’ don’t go well together. The ‘Rotate’ operation just flips the door’s axes to match the world (systems) axes again.

You could mirror the door itself, then relocate its axes to match the door’s rotation axis and re-place both handles (no details as hinges anyway).

In general: a child component, when rotating with the ‘Rotate…’ operation, re-aligns its axes to match the parent’s axes. If the parent has its axes according to the systems axes, the child can’t keep its mirrored axes. If the parent has mirrored axes, so has the child component.


and:Mirrored Dynamic door.skp (71.3 KB)


Thanks a lot @pcmoor and @Wo3Dan! I did not realise that flipping a model would change it axis. I did make sure that the origin of parent and child were the same, but did not look at the axis orientation. I will now.

In retrospect, I should have designed the frame to match the orientation of the door. I’ll try a few grouping, flippings and exploding to make them match. Otherwise, I’ll redesign it (not too hard).


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