Door rotates (animates), in the wrong direction


Hey Guys,

I created a component which contains a frame with 2 doors. Those doors can be opened (animated) by clicking on them. Now the left door rotates perfectly, but I can’t manage to make the right door rotate properly. It keeps rotating the wrong way.

The right door is a rotated version of the left one. I tried earlier to use a mirrored version of the left door, and in both cases tried to adjust the OnClick value “ANIMATESLOW(“RotZ”,-270,0)” to all possible options, but without results…

Hope someone could explain me how the values should be set in case of a rotated/mirrored version of the component.

Deur.skp (172.9 KB)


the DC will change -270 to 90

change -180 to 180,
replace ANIMATESLOW(“RotZ”,-270,0)



Thank you!


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