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hi there, greetings from georgia, I need some help or advice, in my workflow I created simple dynamic components (door, windows openings 90º) but in this case I stoped in 1 place for 1 hour & decide ask help here,
i attached screnshot & also model, there is door and I want its opened 90º in what direction you’ll see in the picture & also in the model, its work in another side to write (RotZ,0,90) but in oppocite side not work(RotZ,0,-90) or its opened and not closed, i try everything, change axis, explode, wrote another commands but I stick one place, please help with explanations, or correct my model and i’ll try unedrstand, thanks in advance

DC door.skp (590.0 KB)

for negative values assure that the rotation has quotation marks


otherwise a new attribute will be created

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I wrote it in my topic that I try this(RotZ,0,-90)
door is open but not close,
please download my file and see, than correct and upload,
I because write this topic that try everything, but not work& I know this simple steps creating dynamic components

you are a Mac user!
you have to disable smart quotes
door rotation quotes.skp (608.9 KB)

you mean this?
unfortunatly I see this message from SU

DC #-Symbol Error - SketchUp / Dynamic Components - SketchUp Community

also same in negative values

I am a windows user please refer to search for smart quotes

fantastic, I download you file, & there it works everuthing, in my own file I tried this also, but not work, I try it right now and write same, what screenshot I upload upper, I try it now in simole box, to rotate but when I write command RotZ in “”, I see that warning message from SU

its Macs smart quotes, apple is way smarter than windows, please see attached link to switch them off

Dynamic component runtime error on MAC - SketchUp / Dynamic Components - SketchUp Community

I copy your command and it worked, my mac write another kind of quotes :slight_smile: this shown well in screenshot and maybe this is wrong and because I got this warning messages,
thanks a lot for you time & good luck

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another gotcha for my list :slight_smile: