"Position Z" moving inch values when set to metric in dynamic components

I have been modeling some windows and want them to open vertically with an on click command, I have everything set to metric, but when the formula runs it moves the window the inch equivalent, so for example if the formulas say it should move 20cm it will move the equivalent of 20 inches, while still displaying everything in metric, so it will display a result of 50.8cm. I cannot find any setting set to imperial and the components were modeled with sketchup started in a metric template. I know I can make a workaround by manually converting between imperial and metric, but it is painful and a waste of time. Thanks for any help.

you need to set the value to cm in both attribute and option dialog

[quote=“wmkohlman, post:1, topic:23792”]
… and the components were modeled with sketchup started in a metric template.[/quote]

Do as @pcmoor suggested. And also, your SketchUp template itself (whether changed or not to metric) has no influence whatsoever on the settings and calculations for the DC. The (changed) template is used “merely” to display dimensions in SketchUp.

Hi pcmoor,

Thanks for the response, I have checked that all is set to cm. As I am using an onclick (animate slow) function the component option dialog does not give the option to choose centimeters as it not available for the user to change settings.

I have posted a couple of screenshots of running the command at stage one and stage two. You can see the animate command is set to cm and the units for the moving object (top sash) is also set to cm. The result of the command is showing in the top sash position z as 157.54cm which just happens to be 66 inches. the onclick formula is shown as 66cm. The second position is given as 32cm in the formula and is resulting in a position of 81.28 (which = 32 Inches)
I am wondering if there is a bug, or am i just missing something?

select the offending Z attribute, press the right arrow symbol and set it to centimeters

checked that, I cannot find anywhere that is set to imperial.

its grey, drop down to select the fixed centimeter

if this fails, could you upload the DC

No luck with that either

Double Hung 1410.skp (43.0 KB)

sorry tried to place it into 2015, my bad,looking at it now

Problem Component.skp (137.5 KB)

I fixed it by introducing another variable within the same scope
fix.skp (66.3 KB),

will investigate this further, could be a bug, or residue memory

placing the onclick within the top sash, and deleting the onclick in the parent works too, which maybe best if you want to move the bottom sash as well

There are a few conversion bugs in DCs

Ahh, I didn’t think to do that, nice simple work around, Just seems to confirm something is amiss as this is using all the same inputs just with an intermediary. Thanks for your Help. Let me know if you find the cause. If it helps I have found it does the same thing with lots of different component, after restarting sketchup or a full reboot.

Another good idea, I did have the bottom sash moving as well, just by adding further commands in the same field, but removed it to keep it simple as possible. Having it in the sash component probably keeps things tidier too.