General Question: inches / cm's Z-axis

After finally but succesfully completing a couple of Dynamic Components I have discovered something, that I want to put to your attention.
I always work in the decimal/centimeters mode. But all my DC-animations/positionings I had problems getting the Z-axis right. Until I noticed that they were not in centimeters, but in inches..!
I my Preferences everything looks oké; i.e. decimal, meters, m2, m3, centimeters etc.
QUESTION: Could it be that ‘backstage’ something in the SU-source is not switching automatically when choosing for decimal measurements…?
Hope to hear. Kind regards,

It is actually in the Model Info>>Units setting.

In the Dynamic Component Attributes there is a possibility to switch the unit only between cm<>inch like this:



The Dynamic components extension has a bug since day one. The Centimeters setting only works if you have the “Display units format” setting turned ON in Window>ModelInfo>Units. Otherways it will display inches.


Thanks dezmo, But changing inch to cm is the first thing I do whenever I start a DC attribute. But a soon as DC animations/rotations start getting a little complicated (although still working ok) I notice that the Z-axis cm-measurements many times change into inches. Still no problem, but a little waste of time to convert cm’s into inches.
Just thought to address this issue for SU back-office.