DC ANIMATE function unit issue

DC ANIMATE function only support inches as input. (see diagram, below).

Only a few countries use inches(American,Liberia and Burma), and most countries use millimeters.

How to use milimeters?

  • ANIMATE(“B!Z”, “0mm”, “50mm”) ?
  • ANIMATE(“B!Z”, VALUE(“0mm”), VALUE(“50mm”)) ?
  • ANIMATE(“B!Z”,0.mm, 50.mm) ?
  • or …
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check the units in “BIZ”, via the arrow next to it, if text, or default, change to cm,
you could share the DC so we could check this?

DC by design only supports cm and inches, rather than supporting everything SketchUp itself supports.

You can use mm with the (American) decimal sign, not the Comma but the point!
CM->MM divide by 10
So to move 5 mm type 0.5 instead of 0,5

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@pcmoor An demo that demonstrates the problem: DC-BUG.skp (104.2 KB)

the display value of DC support cm and inches
,but the input value of function only support inches,
rather than supporting cm, because the store value of DC is inches.

The unit architecture of DC need to improve:

data flow: input value -> store value -> output value

  • the store value should be unified, inches
  • the display value should be configured, and offer a default format by region.
  • the input value should be recognize by user input format, such as 1' 1/4", 3cm, 236.6",and so on,read the default format by configure.

** Please Improve the DC’s unit architecture,and give me a temporary solution. **

Julia is not responsible for the DCs, although I wish she was, then most likely we would not have this discourse, we are are but experienced users of Sketchup. Julia a developer, but alas not employed by sketchup

DC-BUG.skp (102.9 KB)

yes I see the problem, the fix is to use an intermediate unit-less variable


I thought DCs used whatever the unit you had chosen for it internally, and that that was somehow the reason why it has just two hard-coded units to chose from. If it always uses inches internally, just like SketchUp, it makes even less sense that it doesn’t use the model units for input and output.

I had the same inch problem for DC.
It seems that Sketchup did not solve this yet.
The only solution I found is to create automatic cm to inch unit conversion in which the OnClick function will refer.
( It works if you have only one command for the Onclick but not if several with ; on a grouped component ).
I reput your DC-BUG exemple with this correction.

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If anyone have a greater solution.[DC-BUG.skp|attachment](upload://pxwWSYGGNkDpzqNZydI0dX9ZewP.skp) (135,1 Ko)[DC-BUG.skp|attachment](upload://pxwWSYGGNkDpzqNZydI0dX9ZewP.skp) (135,1 Ko)