Component options stuck in inches

I just noticed my DC changed the option values to inches. I cannot set them back to centimeter (my model units), except for manually changing every attribute.

I tries @Anssi 's recommendation but that did not help.
I have the problem across all my files and different components.
Any idea on what might cause this or how to prevent this in the future?

My file:
dc-units.skp (215.1 KB)

This is on SketchUp Pro Version 20.2.171

When I open the file you posted, the DC Options dialog shows dimensions in centimeters.
I would suggest closing the DC Options and Attributes windows, turning on the “Display units format”, saving, quitting SketchUp and reopening the file. (All this might not be necessary, but at least, if the DC Options window is open, it won’t update if you change the setting)


Model info - tik Display Units format,
looks like you must turn this on to make it work

Thank you!