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Very new on Dynamic components just a very simple question
I have a window that rotates and slides at the same time. I do

onclick ANIMATEDSLOW("X".1515.5,10);ANIMATEDSLOW("RotZ"180,90)

It is working fine from the initial position to the set position aligned to a wall, but on the second click because the rotation starts as the same time than the X movement, the window “collides” with the wall.
Question: how to delay the rotation or trigger the rotation at the given X value?
Rotating and sliding window

I told you, very simple…


You’ll better use 'ANIMATECUSTOM" and add some attributes for controlling the time :

I have only controlled the time, but it’s morel likely that you would set the ‘easein’ and ‘out’ settings (ANIMATECUSTOM(“attr” ,time, easein, out, state1,…stateN) also with a variable.


I agree with @MikeWayzovski, you should use animatecustom(…) to independently controle both operations in time: move vs rotate.

btw, you should skip the d in both functions (animate d slow). The DC performs but depending on one (or the other) or two d’s you get slightly different results and it is without d anyway.

Thank you!
This is very new for me and I really have to wrap my head around it. I find the Sketchup official help about this, well, a bit sketchy :wink:

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