Pivot Door Dynamic Component

Hi everyone,

I am new to using Dynamic Component to animate doors panel on my SketchUp Model.

I am making a Pivot Door with a sequence below:
1st click rotate 90degree
2nd click slide to 1 side
3rd click go back to original.

I have refer to this topic Different sequence on return - #2 by MikeWayzovski

However, mine came out to be slide and rotating at the same time and the door panel just all move to 1 place. I work in Inches/Feet so it might be the problem?

Thanks in advance

The ‘trick’ that was used in that example is that both motions start at the same click, but the pivoting and move has different ‘ease in’s’, controlled by variables (states)

So when closed, easin for move is set to fast and easin for pivot slow, and when that state is reached, the variables are switched (eg. Now, easin for move is set to slow etc)

Inches should not have impact, the ease in and ease out are somewhat dependent on the time and one need to experiment a bit to nudge the wanted effect.

Otherwise post an example of the DC.

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your explaination. I was able to create it but I got a trouble here. On the first click, the door panel rotate too fast. and on the second click, the door panel rotate too slow. I have tried to change the easein and easeout time but i still perform like that. it could not be the same as the example from the other topic. I will attached the file here if you could tell me if I have done anything wrong
Pivot Door System 1.skp (79.3 KB)

Hi Mike,

Did you be able to check my file?

I think the rotation was off, I also changed the easin and out for the two different movements:


Pivot Door System 1.skp (174,4 KB)