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Hola, yo estoy haciendo un portón en dos piezas el cual quisiera que abra hacia arriba de forma plegada. No sé bien que opciones poner, ya logro que se pliege más no sé como hacer que vuelva a la posicion original. Alguien sabe como poner los dos movimientos (Rotar y posicion)?

check this thread:

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this is what I want to do…i&w=165&h=165&itg=1&safe=active&bih=579&biw=1242&q=puerta%20basculante%20hacia%20arriba%20hunter%20douglas&ved=2ahUKEwjPxbPT5dfaAhVjG5oKHfxKBBE4ZBAzKDwwPHoECAAQPw&iact=mrc&uact=8#h=165&imgdii=vSALilHhY4CFyM:&vet=12ahUKEwjPxbPT5dfaAhVjG5oKHfxKBBE4ZBAzKDwwPHoECAAQPw…i&w=165

like so?

This is tricky and will involve some trigonometry. The top window is not that difficult, though, the position of the bottom depends on the angle of the upper.
both angles are the same…
both windows are 'animated in the o’clock attribute, divided with a separator ;

you might wanna check the Animator extension…

here is the file, have fun!

windowfold.skp (261.1 KB)


Wow, Yes… You are the best!!! but I can’t do it… first because your file it’s skp2018 and i have skp2015 and I can’t see the formula.

This is my file, I did something but it wasn’t how i want it.

door.skp (853.1 KB)

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