FlexTools Extension

Meet the new FlexDoor Glass component!

Now you can easily create different dynamic glass doors with additional panels and multiple muntin distributions. The detailed documentation is in the works.


See more at https://flextools.cc/blog/new-flexdoor-glass/

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Looks good! Is this double/triple glazing feature coming to windows as well? :smile:

Rounded window profiles - when? :wink:

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Yes… and yes! :sunglasses:

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Just had a longer look at this. I understand you’re trying to keep things simple and lean but is there any way we can get an option to have the spacer bars go in instead of out? They do look good but having them go out is not realistic at all. This is what it should realistically look like.

If not are there any ideas on how to “pull” the frame above the window spacer bars to achieve an at least somewhat similar look?

Hi Matt,

If we were to have the spacer sunken into the dynamic frame, it would add about 16 components for each sash. In the case of the new glass door it would add 80 sub-components just for 1 door. I think it would be quite heavy then, especially for the door.

I’ve got an idea though - What if there were a setting to expand the glass and the spacer all around into the frame, and you could then cut-out from the frame manually with push-pull. The cut-out would maintain it’s proportions, as long as you don’t change the dimensions of the door panel’s frame (or sash’s frame).

Thanks for replying and taking this into consideration! Yeah, your suggestion might also work perfectly fine - this way I could set the space bars “behind” the frame face and then cut into the frame w/ pushpull and have it look like here: FlexTools Extension :+1:t2:

Check out the updated FlexDoor & FlexDoor Glass - Learn Page.

Find out what you can do with these flex components, including how to change the glass distributions, assign materials, make a glass pivot door, and more.


Looking forward to seeing this in action :+1:t2:

I’m excited about revisiting this tool without all those layers being created! I own it but stopped working it into my flow for that very reason.

It’s almost out! We’re doing some final checks (found a little annoying bug right before I was gonna hit release…)

Hi Christopher,

In the next update most of the components will have their layers gone and away! A few component though will still have a few layers until we fix’em up, but you can always delete the layers or make any customizations you want and then save the component aside for later use with ComponentFinder. (3rd button from the right on your FlexTools toolbar).

We might re-introduce a very minimal set of layers later on for better workflow with Layout… still planning it out.


Will this have the ability for user custom layer naming assignment?

I understand that everyone has their own layers (tags) system and it’s best to have none by default (unless they are really useful). You can assign/rename/delete the layers for the components and for their sub-components, just like with any other Sketchup object. The layers will not affect the dynamic attributes in any way. You can then save the components aside for later use.

You can look at each of the flex components as a starting template that you can then further customize. Each component would need to be individually customized, it’s not something that you can set globally in advance.

Many thanks to Justin from ‘The SketchUp Essentials’ for a great FlexDoor Glass review!


I’ve been using FT for a few years now. It has so many dynamic components and the user interface is very clean and well thought out. In addition, the developers are very quick to respond to questions or suggestions. They just programmed a new entry variable for the FlexStair component on request from me and did so nicely and quickly.

Great team of developers!


New FlexWindow Arch component released!

Arched windows have never been so straightforward. :slight_smile:

FlexTools for SketchUp - FlexWindow Arch

Flex Tools is my daily driver extension for modeling in SketchUp when I’m avoiding Revit like the plague; their plugin helps reduce time spent modeling, and editing, tedious but necessary architecture components. I wish that Trimble was showing a little more initiative developing efficient and clean features like Yoni and the team has, especially with the Layout platform…

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New Flex Bifold component released!
Learn more at https://flextools.cc/blog/flex-bifold/


Thanks for the info, it looks like I’m up to date already.

here is another render of my project. There are Flexdoors and Flexwindows used the right way, but I tried to use FlaxSlat for roofing, and it looks pretty good.