FlexTools Extension

The example was just a little test model to practice on and all works fine there. I’m picking apart the house model to see what’s what. I don’t generally post my modeling work, particularly work for private clients, in a public forum. I can do that privately if I’m still stuck.

Ok, glad it’s working fine. Feel free to send models by email if needed.

Been working on an Evo II to Evo III upgrade w/ rounded profiles on the inside and outside plus some fake glazing spacer bars.


Enscape 2.6-something:

Looks good for now, still a bunch of work to do though…


Very Nice!
Can you send me the model so I can study it a bit?

Sent you a pm. :wink: There was quite a lot of trial and error involved but eventually I kinda got the hang of what can be done and what can’t.

This video is part of Justin’s recent series ‘SketchUp Extensions for Architecture’.
FlexTools is in the top 20 favorites! Yoo-hoo!:grin:



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Im using Flextools in my everyday work, and Im really glad, that I found it. For me, this is not only a timesaver, but this is a livesaver when the client is “on the gate”. I found it thanks to Justin Geis and his video. This is a solution for everyone, who wants to work quickly and effectively. I`will post some examples of my works, where are some of these features used. Sometimes in a way, they were not mentioned to be used :wink: They have probably fastest support I ever seen. Yoni and his friends are doing a great job.


Hey Laco,

Thank you so much for the kind words! :smiley:

We’d love to see your works, and we’re very curious to see the unmentioned use cases!

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Here are some examples of using FlexTools different way, as I promised:

This is a workon render of a cottage - FlexSlat is used for fencing

I`m also using FlexSlat for creating dynamic bookshelves

and in this model are windows used right way, but the garage gate is created using FlexSlat, and pavement by FlexPanel


That FlexSlat fencing and book shelf is absolutely ingenious. :open_mouth: Just tried it myself and made some nice, dynamic marble tiles…

How did you get that corner window to work with WallCutter?

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I`m glad, that you like my idea. Unfortunately, I did not invite any workaround for wallcutting corner window yet. I made it “old way” - window opening is created as hole in the walls, and FlexWindow is inserted into it.

Really nice stuff Laco and MatthB!

It’s so cool to see the versatile use and the beautiful results you guys come up with :slight_smile:

In one of the first graphics I made for FlexTools I used FlexWindow and FlexSlat everywhere. The dancing beams, pillars, walkway and spiky installation on the bottom right are all FlexSlat. The shiny walkway is FlexWindow with it’s glass shifted above the profiles.

I think the benches were FlexSlat too!

You could try something like this for ‘dynamic wall corners’, but honestly I think a simple push pull (the “old way” :slight_smile: ) would be more efficient.

Here is my another project, I`m working on. Here are used almost all of FlexTools - windows, doors, slats, stairs, pannels.


Looks good! Your post about creative use of FlexSlat challenged me to do some testing myself… some WPC outdoor flooring, anyone? :smile:


Introducing a new flex component - FlexRamp.
From now on you’ll be able to create sloped walkways & parking lot ramps in seconds!

Learn more in the blog: https://flextools.cc/blog/flexramp/


I’ve already been able to start using FlexTools on a couple of new projects and even though I’ve only just started using it I can see this is going to be a bit of a game-changer for how I work in SketchUp. It’s very useful early in the design process.

I’d say for any of the folks I’ve seen out there that think what you charge is too expensive they don’t realize how much time can be saved with this tool and that if you use this for professional work it pays for itself in short order. (Not to mention it’s very intuitive to use)


Thank you PJ!

Glad you’re finding FlexTools useful :slight_smile:

If you’ve got some project photos to share where FlexTools is being used - it would be super cool.

Is there a way for me to save my own default values for FlexTools objects like doors and windows? Out of the box, if feels counter productive that as soon as a place something, everything about it needs fixing. (most notably metric vs. imperial) I suppose I could save out my adjusted components as a local library, but maybe there’s a way to change the values for what first comes off the FlexTools palette?

Hey RT,

The best way to save default values of a component after adjustments are made, is to save it aside with ComponentFinder (CF) (Button with magnifying glass on the FlexTools toolbar) to a local folder on your computer. You’re whole customized collection will then be one click away (Basically opening ComponentFinder).

At the moment the toolbar cannot be customized, because once the components are updated with new versions, it will be difficult to find the updated versions. We have some ideas for future FlexTools versions where we’ll be adding the Flex components directly into the CF interface.

We’re also thinking of having customizable toolbars for quicker access. Instead of customizing each and every button on the desired toolbars (like existing toolbar plugins where you need to drag and drop and a whole complex interface), you would export a CF folder tab directly into a new toolbar in one click. How does that sound to you?