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Yet another FlexSlat use case! :grinning:
I’d love to see a closeup in Sketchup + the options window to see how you worked it out.

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Hello everyone, we’re glad to introduce a new 3 Sash FlexSlider.

A Multi Sash FlexSlider is also in development, but till it’s ready, if you need a quick 3 sash sliding window/door this component will do the work. It works just like the original 2 sash FlexSlider.

Three Sash Slider_01

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New update for ComponentFinder!

A new navigation sidebar, custom component toolbars, a better user interface and a lot more improvements!

More info at the blog: https://flextools.cc/blog/new-componentfinder-navigation-bar-and-toolbars/

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We’d like to thank Alex Oliver from SketchUp School for including FlexTools in the list of 10 extension every architect should know.

Check out all 10 extensions in the video: https://youtu.be/mtpEmbteWW8


One example of using WallCutter - kitchen sink is a WallCutter and cuts worktop and shelf under it. I use WallCutter for the cooktop as well.


light fixture as a WallCutter


That idea is actually pretty neat, totally going to steal that. :smile:

Here’s some recent stuff done w/ Flextool for Windows and Panels below.


It’s nice to see how you’re using WallCutter for not so obvious scenarios. It should be faster and more stable with rounded objects like the lights and sinks with the latest release, are you seeing any difference?

Where are you using Flexpanels? For the glass windows? The wall cladding? The wooden floor?

Im using WallCutter v0.11.0. I did not face any problem with it yet. Showen components may be created in some previous versions, I`m not sure what version was used (current at the time :smiley: )

New Flex Multi Slider released! :tada:

With any number of leaves you wish, 3 configurations, glass or solid panels - It will cover most of the sliding doors and windows you use day-to-day.

Check it out: https://flextools.cc/blog/new-flex-multi-slider/

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