Flattening faces on a sphere


I know how to make a sphere with 2 circles and Follow Me.

I have created a model with 24 vertices (based off a cuboctahedron, with circular faces perpendicular to the line that runs from the center of the model to the vertice. See attached.

What I would like to do is have these faces mapped onto a sphere, so that the edges of the circles touch the edge of the sphere (center to circle edge = radius of sphere), but the dome that would be above the circle is flattened to the vertice - so we end up with a sphere with 24 flat spots on it.

HOW do I do this?

24 sides a.skp (1.3 MB)

Something like this? 24 sides a (SU 2017).skp (1.6 MB) If so, just reverse the blue faces.

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So yes, something like that…

What do you mean by “just reverse the blue faces”?

I’m guessing you didn’t use my file, that image looks like it’s not got enough faces - I’m guessing 14?

Did you open the SKP file that I’ve attached?
Also, the model I made need to scale it down by 100, for original dimensions.


I’m on my phone right now.

I’ve just installed the viewer and can see it dies have 24 sides.


But what do you mean but reversing the blue faces? I don’t understand how you got that model.

I’ll worry about scale later

I used the Soap Skin & Bubble plugin to create each of those components.
I reversed the faces of those components just to be visible in the first phase, otherwise they must be turned, with a visible white face, like circles.


Ok. Thank you.

So is what I’m attempting only doable with a plugin then?

It was the first idea I thought.
Other variants may appear, and it remains to be seen if there is one without plugins.

Ok, thank you for your help.

There is an option without plugin, and taking into account the small size of the object, I think it’s okay.

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Unless another method rears its head, I much prefer the plugin result, so I’m going to look into that.

OK, I’ve installed SSB. I’ve turned all the blue faces to white. I’ve removed all the stalks and scaled up my image…

Now what do I do? How do I use SSB? Do I have to join the faces together first?

Sorry, I meant SSB as shorthand for Soap Skin Bubble - edited

Sorry, I’ll delete my post then as irrelevant.

And did you follow any youtube tutorial to understand how the SSB plug-in works?
Also, look carefully at my model to see how I created that area of the sphere, dividing it into areas.

Use Window > Default Tray > Entity Info > Soft and Smooth for edges.


You could intersect a sphere with the faces at the right dimension and remove the excess.
The faces don’t need to be round, and the more detail in the sphere the rounder the result.


@mihai.s - no, not yet. But I will. Thank you.

@Box - another method to try, thanks.

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I’m struggling with this. I’ve scaled my original model up massively, but every time I try this, the intersected faces don’t have the nice round edge profiles that your’s do. What am I doing wrong?
24 side scaled by 10000000.skp (1.3 MB)

It’s not the size it’s the detail.
Here it is with a sphere made from 2 circles with 96 segments.
But remember the more segments the larger the file.

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Thank you