How to draw a smile on a sphere

Hi everybody.

I took as example this picture from internet.

And I did my best::

This is my SU file:

bear_head.skp (200.7 KB)

And my questions are:

  1. Any idea about how could I draw a smile?
  2. Any idea about how could I complete the in-ear (brown color)?

Thanks in advance.

You might take a look at this plugin:

If you start with a flat layout similar to this:

You can use the plugin to wrap it around a sphere:

If you are careful about how you construct the flat images, you should be able to color your shapes any way that you want. You can also use the scaling tool to alter the spheres into ovals after they are textured:

Thank you, I’ll try it :wink:

I’ve tried the extension but I wasn’t able to get the result I expected.

I think I got a better result with something like this

I will add some examples, with the extension and this another way to check what I’m doing wrong.

So far this has been the result, I must say it took me some hours :frowning:

I’m a beginner, still learning and it’s a hobby so far.

If someone is interested in the file here it is:

bear_head_test.skp (648.0 KB)

Thank you all. Recommendations are always welcome.

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Nice job! It’s really cute :slight_smile:

Thank you @jimhami42 :wink:
You helped me, thanks for taking time on showing me those examples.

I guess the picture I must use have to be something like yours, some picture that allows me wrap the sphere but I don’t know how to calculate that.

Thanks in advance.

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