3D image over orb

Hello everyone. I’m using sketch up for the first time. I need it to create a file ready for a 3D printer. I have no experience with any type of 3D modeling. :grimacing:

For a project I have created an emblem/logo of a flower. It is very complex with a lot of small lines. I want this flower wrapped around a sphere and embossed. So it needs to be wrapped around this orb and you should be able to feel and see it.

Thus far I have been able to successfully create a sphere. I have also been able to turn my image into faces using the Make Faces extension. With the help of youtube tutorials i have figured out that I need to use the wrap tool to wrap my flower around the orb. However this does not work out at all. I have tried all kinds of different things, doing exactly what the youtube tutorial says, but it will just not work out the way it needs too. All it does is put some random loos lines on my orb. Not shapes but only lines.

Does anyone have any idea what i’m doing wrong? Thank you so much in advance. I actually need this thing ready by Wednesday. So all help is welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is my logo.

And this i my result thus far.

hello, you can extrude your logo up, then intersect it with the hemisphere, or use the drape fonction from sandbox !

The drape function will only make lines on my sphere not the shapes.

strange… Try to group your logo before you drape it. what about the intersection method ?

I could give a look at it if you don’t manage to do it

maybe a too small model could explain why it doesn’t work, try to scale it up a hundred times and drape again. Also make sure that your sphere is larger than your logo, as I can see some lines reaching the limits of it


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