Having trouble creating rope wrapped Sphere

I am trying recreate a sphere wrapped in paracord in Sketchup, but having a very difficult time. I have tried to project the sphere using this photo, but it still looks to “spherical” and doesn’t have the “uneven” texture of the rope.

I have searched far and wide and can’t find a How-to video & models and the closest thing I can find is a geodesic design, but they don’t look quite right. I have even tried to recreate the individual “squares” and just stack them around the sphere, but didn’t work. (the pattern of the rope is not really perfectly geometrical)

Also, I tried to manually draw the pattern around the sphere, but was becoming way too tedious and wasn’t working for me.

Can anyone help?

I wouldn’t recommend trying the follow me tool. :grimacing:

Did you see the section on Worm Weaving here… Sketchup 3D Geodesic Models » Domerama

Jim, thanks for the reply, yes I did see that worm weaving. I am not trying to get a similar “effect”, I am trying to emulate the design in the pic. Sinusoidal loops would look nothing like this picture.


I am still fairly new to Sketchup, but I have extended experience with 3D Studio Max. Would it be easier to deform a sphere to the closer shape and then use Bump mapping with the image of the cord? This would not work however, if you are trying for a full 3d model representation. The bump mapping would just give the illusion but the actual model would be a spherical blob.