How to make this thread shape wrapped

Im making some musical instrument (photo attached)
I have made the model (file attached)
I want to make the threads which are turning around the instrument
In scene 1 i have made the thread shape that i want to rotate in scene 2 skin model.
Is there any extension or way to make it?

dumbaru.skp (805.0 KB)

Here’s one way to add the rope detail: Use the CLF Shape Bender extension to create a quarter-circle of rope, then copy/rotate the rope around the drum. Dave Richards published a blog post recently that explains how to use Shape Bender. You can read it by following this link:

However, even Shape Bender won’t be much help in reproducing knots or any interweaving of the rope. Rather than try for photographic realism, you may want to consider drawing simpler shapes for the rope, using the native SketchUp toolss (Push/Pull, Follow Me), and apply a rope texture. For that, you find a suitable image of rope on the Internet, then import the image as a texture and apply it to the ropy parts of the model.
Hope this helps.

Observe this amazing knotsmanship by sometime-Sage Taffgoch:


And for the sake of completeness, more ways to create helical-based shapes.

Do you really need the threads to be modeled as twisted twine or would extruding an appropriate profile along a path be good enough? The ‘thread’ inspiration modeled in this drum GIF was a strip of rawhide.

Hey Thanks for the Link and I will be reading a gob I see and printing out pages to PDF files for reading later . . LOL Going to have to get bigger brain for all that stuff . .