Need help how to make this model?

A file is attached
I want to make this bamboo basket. I want to know how to make the twisting inside out bamboo coming from.

Spontaneously I would just draw a cylinder, scale up the upper circle a little, remove its inner face an use a texture for the twisted bamboo but I suppose that’s not what you are planning.

You could try doing a weaved flat “wall” by pushpulling a profile for the vertical parts and use follow me along alternating arcs for the horizontal ones, and then use Radial Bend in Fredoo Scale Tools to make it round.

Thanks for replying me
Yes i dont want to use texture
I want to create that model with the twisted shape as u said weave flat wall
I did not get what u mean can plz share in more details plz

If you’re not an expert at SketchUp, then this really is about the worst possible thing you could try to model. I doubt that I could do it convincingly and I’ve been using SU for well over 10 years. (not all the fine detail like the smaller weave at the top and bottom, plus the slight irregularities in the surface, at least)

If you don’t understand the references to the plugins that @eneroth3 is recommending…or how to make a single vertical segment of weave then duplicate it in a circular array, then you’re heading for a world of confusion and frustration.

I agree with AlanF, even though it can be done with SU, this program may not be the right one for this task.

But this one is symmetrical! How about a wicker Klein bottle?:slight_smile:


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Not sure how I missed this, the structure is very simple.
You just need to array some very simple components.
The structure of the weave and the complexity of the rings can vary enormously.
As an example this one is a cylindrical array that has been shaped with vertex tools and then SUbD’d.


wow great model and much more realistic to. Can u show me a demo how u made that so that i can get some idea. the ups and downs curving wave shape.

Getting the weave isn’t that difficult. I’ve attached a working shot rather than a render, so that you can see what’s going on. I have hidden geometry turned on, so all those dotted lines have been smoothed (obviously). However, you can see that the lines next to the two side staves are solid. This is because they are the ends of a component which has been duplicated right around the curve and fits together end-to-end. It had been made by simply using Follow me on a couple of 3-segment arcs arranged in a shallow S shape.

I actually started with 36 staves arranged in a circle, centred on the origin…so everything is 10 degrees apart. The woven section was then duplicated in an array right around the curve.
The whole circular array was then selected, moved down and rotated 10 degrees so that it wove around the adjacent stave. Both rows were then selected and duplicated downwards about 20 times to form the basket. There are then various deformation plugins you can apply to the entire shape to get it to the shape you want.
The real problems arise when you try doing the tighter braiding around the top and bottom; and working in the handles…not to mention the ever-decreasing, concentric weave on the base.
Like I said before, there are much easier ways to get to know this program.

Here’s a fairly generic weave shape just to give you some pointers. I’ve done this with SUbD, but you could build the path structure for follow me pretty much this way too.


thanks box:thumbsup: