I want to make this type of ceiling

Hello, so i want to make this ceiling and i was wondering what other techniques we can use to achieve this beside using clf shape bender. like is
there a workflow where we can generate this mesh thingy from plain curve lines. Thanks in advance.

Wavy ceiling with a pattern, using Enmesh from V-Ray

Oh wow, i tried finding tutorials for this ceiling but didn’t find anything and you made this tutorial just for me, thank you brother

I was checking your channel and you are very talented, i have a request for whenever you are free, there is a parametric structure called “Huanglong Waterfront Bamboo Pavilion” you can google it and find the details even elevations and plan are available. Will you make tutorial on how to model Huanglong Waterfront Bamboo Pavilion in sketchup, of course whenever you have time or whenever you feel like challenging yourself, big thank you for your help.