Complicated ceiling



Hey sketchup community. I need to build a ceiling thats very complex and looks like this on sketch up. I linked the ceiling image and I’ve tried some stuff but I can’t get it properly onto the surface. Would anyone be able to help?


I dont quite understand the issues you are having.

Are you trying to model this particular ceiling in SU or are you trying to model something similar to the image? If you want this particular ceiling, what data sets or measurements have you collected?



Hello okay No my problem is modeling it in sketchup in general and this ceiling is slanted with an led inlay of approx 4 inches. The bumpiness can be be done at any number its just a visual. I was doing from 8" out to 14"


I think the hardest part is to figure out an attractive random design.

Here is one way that you might go about it:


Hey Chris question is i’ve never actually used the drape tool or sandbox tool. That is really amazing what u did there I guess u made components of each slants but my question really is how did u get that led strip flat onto the surface following the same surface as the slant bcs I’m not sure how to use the sandbox. Thanks again!


Use the drape tool.


Omg thank you so much this was very helpful! I did it and it worked except I didnt do the line straight and rather in a zig zag bcs as shown in the picture it does go straight. :slight_smile: Thanks again for teaching me a new tool that works like magic I was breaking my head trying to draw lines and offset them on different planes nearly impossible lol.


Also if i have to inset it would the push/pull command be the best options bcs since there are different planes it will create spaces where its not a consistant path spacing that was draped onto the surface. I took a screen shot to show what I mean.


I would use the vector option of Fredo6’s Joint Pushpull.
Select the faces, and set the vector to z and away you go.


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