Tracing on a circle

Hello, I recently came across a tutorial as to how to create a panoramic background in sketchup.

I now was wondering if it is at all possible to draw on a circle.

I have tried drawing on terrain before and know how difficult it is, I was not sure if it is even possible to draw on a cirlce.

If anyone has any insight, let me know. Thanks!


I think you are talking about mapping an image on a curved surface.

look at section titled “Wrapping textures around boxes and cylinders”

Please explain more fully what you mean by “drawing on a circle.” (Keep in mind that a circle is a flat, 2D object. Do you mean on a sphere or on a cylinder?) Accurate communication is essential to solving problems; we can’t offer you a solution unless we understand the problem.


Sorry, I was not thinking straight when I originally wrote this.

Yes, I am trying to draw on the inside of a hollow cylinder.

You don’t necessarily “draw” on the cylinder, you would use other methods such as using “solid tools” or “intersect” methods.

There is an extension which allows you to “draw” but, it is important you understand the modeling methods correct before jumping onto the extensions. In case you are interested, it is called “Tools on Surface”

In addition to methods involving cutting or intersecting surfaces with vector geometry, you can also paint the inside of your cylinder with an image.

Exactly what are you “drawing?”


Yeah, I thought the OP was trying to “paint” initially.

@TaylorD, can you please describe the “draw” part further?

Okay, so let’s say I want to draw a wave on the inside of this cylinder.

When I start to draw, it is on the cylinder, but then goes off, continuing on whatever axis I initially start, like so:

How do I prevent this from happening?

I know there are methods to paste an image to the inside of this cylinder, but I want a way (if possible) to do something freehand.

Hope this is clear enough, if not I can try and explain better.

Ah, well use the plugin/extension that I have mentioned.

Perfect, this is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much!

check the response as the answer please :smiley:

Hi folks.

Another alternative is to draw on a flat surface and then bend this surface afterward, using a plugin.

Drawing on a flat surface might give you more control of the drawing process than trying to do it on a curved surface.

Just ideas.