How to place image on curved surface?

I have hard time placing image on curved surface.
Is there some tipp or extension to achieve this?

What kind of a curved surface are you thinking of? Can you share your image and the model with the surface?

I have round inflatable tents to customize.air-dome-5x5.skp (311.1 KB)

Roof and sidewalls are curved.

Images l

ike this

Well, I had to go hunt up an image to use.

With native tools, import the image as a texture and apply it to a rectangle. I positioned the rectangle so it’s centered in front of the tent. Right click on the face and choose Texture>Projected.

Get the Paint Bucket tool, hold Alt and click on the rectangle. Then release Alt and paint the face.

Someone will come along and tell you to use Fredo6’s Thru Paint which you could but you can do this stuff with native tools and probably should learn how to do it before resorting to the extension.

Thanks Dave
I found 36 extensions searching “paint bucket” tool.?

you are perfecly right, I go with native tools first.

I was referring to the native tool.

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