Apply image (not texture) to curved surface

I would like to learn how to apply an image (logo) to a curved surface - NOT AS A TEXTURE though, as i wish to retain the texture of the existing surface. something like this but on curved surfaces…


Make logo as a png so the waste is transparent. Apply it as a texture to a copy of the surface geometry and float the new surface a fraction out from the existing surface to avoid z-fighting.

In this example I duplicated the surface of the cylinder and used fredo’s JPP to make it slightly bigger. Mapped the png to it and deleted the rest of the unwanted cylinder, leaving just the area for the logo, moved it back over the cylinder. Also shift/erase to hide the edges of the new decal.
Not sure what your surface is, but if its an easy curve you could also use other curving, bending tools straight on a png image/texture ( true bend )
Also using Sketch UV mapping tools to map it to cylinder and scale it.


Blown away by the response effort. It seems to be as i suspected in that you need a plugin.
Would i be right in saying you’ve approached this as per this tutorial i have since found -
What’s a reputable source for JPP or does it not matter?
Thank you. Massively appeicated.

You could also do only with native tools (PushPull, Intersect faces, texture Projected)


I think Fredo’s Joint push pull is the only game in town.
Flowify is good for compound curves - more complex shaping.

Also depends on your final needs. SOmetimes these things for a static image could be as easy to do in photoshop too.

Hi Mihai.s, that’s great thanks.
I did my best to understand the process, but i’m obviously getting something wrong as i cannot remove the outside border of the logo (png file) without deleting the logo - screengrab below of model. not sure whether there is a video tutorial with verbal instruction?

Thank you both

For what you have, it is easy to use fredo6: FredoTools for applying texture.

You don’t remove the border, you just hide it. Use Erase tool + Ctrl, or select the border > right-click over and Hide.