Applying texture on paper cup packaging

Hi all, how to put design packaging as texture on the the surface of paper cup?

You are looking for a cylindrical projection.

SketchUp has by default only a planar projection (when you right-click a face and set the texture as “Projected” you can use the Paint Bucket + Alt to sample and transfer it to other faces). This will not work here, because the texture should go around the surface.

There are extensions that can do cylindrical projection:

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But still cannot

With SketchUV plugin

You need to tell which one you tried and how you tried… :wink:

Thank you

Hi all can i import the png image to surface of cup?

Import as an Image, then Explode it to transform in a Texture. You can also Drag & Drop your Image directly, like in GIF

Thank you, image can fit the surface

Hi all, now i face this problem when i turn the view become like this

I know how to solve already i turn off the ‘Parallel Projection’.

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Thank you all