Texturing a Coffee Cup gone wrong



So i am trying to wrap a texture around this cup. The cup has a segmented face that splits it into top middle and bottom parts specifically for texturing purposes, so the texture doesnt go around corners or wrap around places it wont be visible.

First picture i am projecting the texture from a rectangle with the same surface area as the cup face that i am attaching it to. It warps it on the sides, cant figure out how to fix it.

Second picture i am importing the texture and then using paint bucket method that automatically wraps it around. Result is a segmented mess that makes me sad, altho it does work on a cylinder.

Third picture I am using the bucket method except now i import the image, it created that one slice on the cup, i then ALT sample it with a paint bucket and paste it to adjacent sections one by one which for some reason swings the texture upwards, same thing happens on the cylinder.

How can i do it so the texture remains straight?

Or you could try Sketchup Tutorial - Create Cola Can & Mapping Image Texture to Cylinder Surfaces

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“SketchUV mapping tools” is also a good way to manipulate textures.

Thank you 5 trillion times and may you find gold bricks under your beds in the near future. It worked! I used Fredos Thru Paint.

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