How can I project an image on to a shape like a bottle? Help me

I can not transfer a text of a label around a bottle I created

File sketchup: Senza (1.9 MB)

Warning: turn down the dance-dance revolution music

I’ll be watching this thread, because I’ve had the same problem.

The issue you are going to run into will be the curved transition to the tapered neck and the round-over at the bottom, because the faces will be trapezoidal. The cylindrical part not so much. The blue to white fade precludes using the eyedropper tool like in the tutorial that was posted.

So I’ll be very interested to see suggested solutions.

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With the cylindrical shape is much easier so let’s talk about a 360 ° shape but not cylindrical I could not apply even with the method that you suggested me Thanks anyway

However, I left the SketchUp 2018 file and the image file to test if anyone can show me how to do it directly from the SketchUp file


See this topic

Apply texture as mentioned and then align by use of “sketch UV mapping” tools ( map to cylinder)



Did the gradients come back when you rendered? Or was that only because of your GIF that they they look that way in your model?

yes, the gif quality is bad, but gradient is there.

Very nice job and solution! Thank you.


I tried to upload gif of process but it got too big to upload.
Anyway, the projection of the texture should work, or explode the image so it becomes a texture and then you can apply that to the bottle from the color palette. Make sure hidden geometry is off so it applies it to the whole cylindrical face. In UV plugin use cylindrical projection but make sure to go to a parallel view from the side so it maps squarely. If i can shorten the gif i will upload.

Also, it might be expected to get a bit of distortion on the neck because the square graphic is mapping to a surface that if unwrapped would not be square.

That was Whatt’s plug-in, right? (Dale)


Thank you! I see in April you were looking for good tutorials on this. Do you ever find any?

The official one from the link in the extension wharehouse is OK and this one below.

I tried the other WraprR but found it didn’t work so well for me. Sketchup isn’t that great at UV mapping as I think a quad mesh generates more predictable results.

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Thanks, Roberto for asking about this and thanks Steve! I finially got it!

here’s a fast and furious overview of it.


I do appreciate you making that gif. None of the tutorials were that clear as to what you had to do. So it took about 5 tries to get it.

Thank you.


Thanks to the suggestion of whiterabbitdesigncompany I managed to achieve this