Apply a png as a material doesn't work for me


We recently had some some models created for our company and chose to map our own artwork onto the models and render ourselves. The only problem is, it creates hundreds of tiles instead of being one smooth wrapper all the way around.

The model files were sent to us as a .fbx file which I used a plugin to bring into sketchup.

I have attached the file to this so anyone can take a look, the artwork that needs to be wrapped is also in the sketchup file. I just can’t figure out how to wrap the artwork properly.

Forum Help.skp (1.2 MB)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.






Hi John,

Thanks for the vids. This is not exactly what I am after. It mirrors half way around instead of wrapping completely round the bottle.


There’s a couple of problems with your model as you’ve uploaded it. First, you have excessive geometry. Most of the edges are coplanar and should be removed.

The results of running CleanUp3.

The other thing is that you have the texture set to be projected which is not the right thing for the model. That will result in distortion of the texture.

I would clean up the model first and then use Fredo6’s ThruPaint to apply the unprojected texture to the bottle.

I redrew the bottle shape from scratch to clean it up more. Even after removing the coplanar edges there are still issues with the model. I’m not sure how the original file was made or why it has the weird faces but this is a simple enough shape to model directly in SketchUp.
Forum Help.skp (248.6 KB)

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Hi Dave,

Thank you for this, huge, huge help! Is there anyway of switching the material on the bottle without using Fredo6’s ThruPaint or is this the best plugin to get for switching materials?



It’s possible to add the texture manually but if your time has any value at all, the extension is the way to go.