How to Draw on a curved surface (WITHOUT) the plug-in "Tools on surface"

How to Draw on CURVED surfaces (WITHOUT) the plug-in “Tools on surface”

PLEASE HELP! Im in search for a way to draw on rounded surfaces

I’ve gone on a hunt for a way to draw on the surfaces of domes, circles and other shapes. All I have found is a plug in called “ToolsOnSurface” The latest version is (ToolsOnSurface v2.0 - 12 Nov 13) for those who may be interested. BUT for me this option/plug-in seems to costly and only accessible through a minimum subscription of $15 Mo. on a website called

IS THERE ANYONE who can tell those of us who desperately need to draw on surfaces without putting out $$ ?


Where did you get the idea you have to pay $15/month to get Tools on Surface? Evidently you didn’t scroll down the page to the button that gives you the option to join without paying. There’s no charge to join Sketchucation. The site doesn’t run itself for free so they would like people to join as premium members but it isn’t a requirement to join.

Ok THANK YOU I will try that !:blush:

Plugins certainly are useful additions to SU’s powerful native tools.
Nonetheless, what you’re hunting for is in plain sight and learning how to use it is essential to becoming proficient with SU; it’s SketchUp’s omnipresent Inference Engine.

First, you need to be able to clearly see the geometry you’re working with.
Try modeling in Monochrome Face Style with Hidden Geometry turned on.
Then, learn to employ SU’s builtin Inferencing power to control the tools.

See these learning resources:

Knowing Your Inference Types — SketchUp Help

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Wonderful ! Very helpful thank you Geo :bulb:

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