Any alternatives to Fredos tools on surface I want to draw on curved surfaces

How to draw on curved surfaces in sketchup without using tools on surface $12 can’t afford it sketchucation says their is a trial but in sketchup says expired 26 December 2021 even though eve never used it before

If you already had Tools on Surface installed, it’s probable that the trial has expired.

You could draw on a flat surface, extrude the shape through the curved surface and use Intersect Faces. Or you might be able to use Drape from Sandbox Tools.

Am new to sketchup started using it in 2022 December so I don’t understand and thanks❤️ one question what does intersect faces do exactly?

What don’t you understand?

It creates edges where faces intersect. You should go through the tutorials at

:laughing::laughing::laughing:Am on a tight budget this month will probably buy it next month and thanks for the help bro​:heart: appreciate it​:clinking_glasses::pray:

What do you need to do exactly, there are a lots of ways to do one thing on sketchup.