Making hole on a curved surface with a pattern

Hi, I need to make an accordion cover for CNC machine.
Here is the original cover

This is the only simplified version, for the test.
I make some curved surface, but how to apply pattern and making holes on it?

I try to use intersect faces, but not helping.

Thank you

You could use Sandbox Tools > Drape

But it will be better with Intersect Faces.

Thnake you @mihai.s . Does this work when surface have thickness?

Yes, the surface may have thickness

and with Intersect Faces

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Awesome!!! Thnx

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Hi, i still have problem with this… when i try with Intersect Faces i get this

There is lost some lines, and how to get vertical side of surface from same pattern? Thnx

Try the Dave Method. Make the curved surface and what you want to intersect with it into a component. Copy the component and enlarge it 100x or even 1000x. Do the Intersect Faces routine on the copy. Erase the waste. Then delete the copy. The original should be OK.

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What you show right now is different from what you showed in the first picture.
For this, you could use another tehnique, with Fredo6 - FredoScale Radial Bending plugin:

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Yes, this is different case. I will try this… thank you

David, the Dave method won’t help when it comes to projecting around a curve. The projection of the edges simply miss the face because it’s not there to hit.

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I dont think the free web version can run extensions, so would have to figure another approach.